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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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CCpur's air quality to be monitored now

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 25 2021: It will be impossible for humans to exist if timely intervention is not made to fight environment degradation and climate change, said Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) Chairman, L Radhakishore.

The MPCB Chairman made the statement during the launch programme of "Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station" at the office complex of Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur today.

The air quality monitoring station is installed under the National Air Monitoring Programme of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

The MPCB Chairman stated that Churachandpur district was environmentally very sound and healthy a few decades back.

But population growth and unprecedented deforestation over the years have seriously affected the environment and ecological balance as in the other parts of the State, he said.

Though the change may seem small, it has contributed to global warming and thus the State is witnessing a spike in temperature in recent years too, he said.

"For people to survive, conservation of the environment is a must.

If we continue to sideline its importance it will not only cause serious health hazards but will also make our existence impossible.

It is evident that many species of plants and animals have gone extinct directly or indirectly due to environmental degradation," he said.

Air is one of the important components of the environment and to monitor quality of air and analyse the content of pollutants, the station is being installed under Government of India's larger initiative, he said.

The MPCB Chairman further said that CPCB has approved opening of 12 such stations in the State and under the programme similar stations have been installed in Bishnupur and Imphal East districts earlier.

Above these, two stations (online mode) with similar functionality have already been operating at Manipur University and Dhanamanjuri University, he said while adding that the data and report collected from the stations are submitted every month to the Ministry of Environment, CPCB and other authorities concerned.

The Central Government has instructed all districts to constitute District Environmental Action Plan (DEAP) consisting of DC, SP concerned and MPCB Officer as Member Secretary.

The recommendations of the DEAP based on the report available are to be sent to the Ministry concerned and the Ministry has to initiate projects accordingly, he said.

L Radhakishore went on to say that equipment to study quality of water and to gauge noise pollution in the district will also be installed soon.

The district can also instal a solid waste treatment plant under MPCB if necessary, he said while adding that DEAP concerned has to submit a particular report on waste management to initiate the installation process.

L Radhakishore also urged Churachandpur denizens to support MPCB's effort to save and conserve the environment during the launch programme which was also attended by Churachandpur MLA, V Hangkhanlian and ADC S Khaikhopau Ngaihte and others.

While speaking at the occasion, Senior Environmental Engineer of MPCB, Kh Premkanta also maintained that efforts are underway to instal air monitoring stations in all the districts above the 12 already approved stations.

The stations are being installed under Government of India's strong instruction to maintain environment data, he said while adding that readings of air quality are to be determined via four parameters.

Presence of pollutants under 10 micron, under 2.5 micron, other particulate matters, toxic chemicals and gas like sulphur dioxide will be recorded through the parameters, he said.

He further maintained that such readings will be taken twice a week and 104 times a year before they are sent to MPCB, CPCB and Ministry of Environment.

Currently, air quality readings fed by the station at MU can be seen on display boards being installed at the University Gate and at the Imphal Airport exit gate, he said while adding that data recorded at the DMU station is being displayed at boards installed inside university campus and at the Western gate of Kangla.