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| Last Updated:13/06/2024

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Second Organic Farmers Field School opened at Pungdongbam

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 18 2021: Former Dean of Central Agricultural University (CAU), Prof N Iboton said that many farmers in the State lack basic know-how on balanced application of urea.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the second Organic Farmers Field School (OFSS) of the Green Foundation at Pungdongbam, Imphal East today, the Prof said that indiscriminate usage of chemicals not only deteriorates human and soil health, but also affects the ecological balance.

Though urea is crucial for growing crops on a large scale, unchecked use of this fertilizer is also harmful, he said.

Saying that one cannot blame the farmers for this as their goal is only bountiful harvest, the Prof said that the OFFS was opened to make the people aware that biofertilizer and biopest can be a replacement for chemicals in growing food.

The OFFS will also start producing vermicompost from the next year, apart from biofertilizer and biopest, he said and added the school will also train the farmers to use these bio inputs.

CEO of The Green Foundation, Urikhinbam Himmat said that biofertilizer and biopest can be an alternative for chemicals in increasing crops yield.

Maintaining that farmers may come across certain challenges in using bio inputs for the first time, he added that these challenges can be overcome through certain measures.