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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Downpour floods several areas in CCpur town

 Source: Chronicle News Service

CCpur, August 01 2021: A heavy downpour that lashed Churachandpur town and other parts of the district for about two hours from 4 pm on Sunday led to swelling of the rivers around the town and inundated several residential pockets.

Rain water from the swollen rivers also overflowed onto the main roads making it almost impossible for the commuters and vehicles to operate.

Thangjam road, Tipaimukh road, Salem Veng, New Lamka areas, Nehru Marg Tedin road junctions and Tedim especially near the police station heavy overflowing of rainwater.

Reports culled so far stated that certain localities in low lying areas including Munhoih, Khumujamba and other residential areas have been affected severely by the flash flood.