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| Last Updated:24/06/2024

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Mechanic on 'green mission' dedicates self to environment conservation

 Source: The Sangai Express / Nando Waikhom
Imphal, June 06 2021: As usual, Samom Ningthemjao was watering newly planted tree saplings in his village.

He has a strong passion for making his surroundings green and with this ardent force he has so far grown more than 600 trees in his locality.

As the 58 years old automobile mechanic from Lairenjam Sabal of Imphal West district has been continually planting tree saplings with great care in his surroundings, many of the roadsides, local ponds, premises of sylvan deities and paddy fields in the village are now adorned with varieties of trees.

Unlike many others who forget to water and take care after planting tree saplings, he has been taking great care of the tree saplings planted by him and it is his routine duty to regularly water, put fertilizers and erect fencing around the tree saplings until they are grown.

"Environment is what surrounds you and only the true feeling of love and care for the nature within you will be instrumental in conserving the same (environment) .

One does not always need to be very special or extraordinary in order to conserve the environment, what is most essential is making sincere efforts in his/her own capacity within one's surroundings", he said.