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  • Glossary
| Last Updated:04/07/2015



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Air pollution

 toxic or radioactive gases or particulate matter introduced into the atmosphere, usually as a result of human activity.


a suspension of small liquid or solid particles in gas.


 artificial establishment of forests by planting or seeding in an area of non-forest land.




 Changes in an organism’s structure or habits that help it to adjust to its surroundings.

Acid Precipitation

 Any form of precipitation (rain, snow, hail or fog) whose acidity has been increased through the uptake of acid pollutants from the air.


 Process in which a special solid surface is able to collect gases or vapours. In adsorption, the molecules of gas or liquid adsorbed contract and adhere to the surface of the solid in an extremely thin layer.


1. Photosynthetic interception of light.

2. Capacity of environmental media to dispose of wastes and residuals.

Adapted Products

 Products that are less polluting, at the time of their consumption and/or scrapping, than equivalent traditional products. In most cases, such products are more costly, and their production and consumption are usually encouraged by fiscal and other inventives.