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| Last Updated:: 12/06/2015

Quiz on Environmental Science


1. Could acid rain be considered to have?
  • global impact
  • regional impact
  • local impact
2. Today the world population is about 6 billion people. But how many lived on earth at the time of birth of Christ?
  • 15 million
  • 150 million
  • 1.500 million
3. Why are some pollutants only acting locally?
  • They detoxify before long
  • They are lacking mechanisms for large scale distribution
  • They are not polluting when diluted
4. What is an ecological footprint?
  • The area occupied by an Ecco shoe.
  • The area for food, space, fibers and waste for one human being
  • An EU-measurement

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Quiz  provided
by ENVIS Cemtre, Manipur