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| Last Updated:: 31/07/2014

International Biodiversity Day, 2014

UDBRDS/Eco-Club, Ukhrul has successfully organized one day International Biodiversity Day, 2014 on 22nd May at Ukhrul H/Q. The program was incorporated with different activities like Eco-painting competition on Siroy Lily Bio-Diversity, Cleanliness drive, Distribution of Study materials, installation of Eco-poster slogan and also displayed environmental films. About 347 Eco-Students participated in the Eco-painting competition and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for the said painting competition were won by LAES, KTL AND New Tasom High School respectively.
Eco-poster slogan campaign
Lounching Eco-poster Slogan
M/S DIMC Eco-club, Ukhrul 
Cleanliness Drive
Eco-painting Competition