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| Last Updated:: 31/08/2015


The Senapati District which located in the northern part of Manipur, is bounded in the east by Ukhrul District, in the west by Tamenglong District, in the north by Phek District of Nagaland and in the south by Imphal East District and Imphal West District.

The District is endowed with kaleidoscopic landscape of blue hills, green valleys, serpentine streams and rivers flowing through mountains and deep gorges. Rich varities of flora and fauna adorn the land.

The area comprises mainly hilly terrain with moderate to very steep slopes and ranges in altitude from 800 to 2800 metres above mean sea level (MSL). The hills of the districts run along the north south direction and gradually slope down towards south and meet with the Imphal valley.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people and terrace cultivation is generally practiced by the people. Having an area of only 20% arable land, the district produces Paddy, Maize, Cabbage, Potato, cereals as the main crops.

The village people are mostly engaged in Jhumming activity near the National Highway (No. 39). In some cases the shifting cultivation is practiced in small pockets keeping the adjoining area for regeneration. Thus, after 2-3 years they cultivate a fresh piece of land which was kept under forest for about 8-10 years which gives better yield.

The Total Geographical Area
327100 ha
 3,54,972(2011 census)
Sub-Tropical Monsoon Type
Average annual temperature
34.4°C max & 3.36° C min.
alluvium, lateritic black regur and red ferruginous
93°40' and 94°29' East
24°37' and 25°37' North

Major Land Use / Land Cover Categories(1989-90 )
Sl. No
Area (Ha)
% to the total District Area
1. Settlement 6569.1  2.01 
2. Agricultural Land 9675.02  2.96 
3. Forest Cover 288330.98  88.15 
4. Land with /without scrub 148347.82  45.35 
5. Water Bodies    
  (a) Group - A
  (b) Group - Be20">(b) Group - B
6. Others 4077.08  1.25 

Source : Manipur Remote Sensing Application Centre