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| Last Updated:: 29/08/2015


Churachandpur district is  bounded by Senapati district on the north, Bishnupur and Chandel district on the east, Mizoram and Assam on the west and Myanmar to the south. The major river flowing in the district are Leimatak, Leinganpokpi, Barak River, Khuga and Tuitha. It is a hilly district with a very small percentage of the area being plain.

The district is inhabited by several tribes, mainly belonging to the Kuki-Chin-Mizo group. The district is divided into 5 Revenue Sub-divisions, namely Churachandpur, Singngat, Thanlon, Parbung(Tipaimukh) and Henglep. There are 6 Tribal Development Blocks. The Revenue sub-Divisions are contiguous with the Tribal Development Blocks except for Churachandpur Sub-Division where there are two Blocks namely Churachandpur and Samulamlan. The Sub-Divisional Officer also functions as the Block Development Officer.

Almost entire district is effected with shifting cultivation practice resulting in creation of ecological disturbances. Most of the mixed vegetation area of bamboo and forest are cleared for Jhum cultivation. Due to population pressure jhum cycle has reduced from  5-7 years to 4-5 years.

The Total Geographical Area
457000 ha
2,71,274 (2011 census)
Humid Sub-Tropical Type
Average annual temperature
35°C max & 0°C min
92°59' to 93°50'E
23°55' to 24°3'N

Major Land Use / Land Cover Categories(1989-90 )
Sl. No
Area (Ha)
% to the total District Area
1. Settlement 6569.1  1.44 
2. Agricultural Land 9675.02  2.12  
3. Forest Cover 288330.98  63.09 
4. Land with /without scrub 148347.82  32.46 
5. Water Bodies    
  (a) Group - A
  (b) Group - Be20">(b) Group - B 0  
6. Others 4077.08  0.89 

Source : Manipur Remote Sensing Application Centre