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| Last Updated:: 02/09/2015


The Bishnupur with its headquarter at Bishnupur (27 Km. from Imphal) was opened on 25-05-1983. The total geographical area of the District is 530 Sq. Km. It is bounded on the North by Imphal West District, on the South by Churanchanpur District, on the East  by Imphal and Thoubal Districts. The District is divided into three Sub-Divisions , viz (1) Bishnupur Sub-Division with its  HQ at Bishnupur and (2) Moirang Sub-Division with its HQ at Moirang and (3) Nambol Sub-Division with its HQ at Nambol. There are 6 (Six) Assembly Constituencies, viz 24-Nambol A.C , 25- Oinam A.C, 26-Bishnupur A.C, 27- Moirang A.C, 28-Thanga A.C, and 29-Kumbi A.C . The number of Gram Panchayat is 24 (12  G.P each in one block). As for the Local Self Governmrnt, there are 4 (four) Municipalities namely  (1) Nambol, (2) Bishnupur, (3) Ningthoukhong and (4) Moirang.

The district bears some unique and important topographical features. Loktak, the biggest fresh water lake in the north east India and the Keibul Lamjao National Park, the original home of Sangai or the Brow Antlered Deer (Cervus eldi eldi) and the only floating wild life sanctuary in the world are situated in the district.

The Total Geographical Area
53000 ha
2,40,363 (2011 Census)
93°43` to 93° E
24°18` to 24°44` N

Major Land Use / Land Cover Categories(1989-90 )
Sl. No
Area (Ha)
% to the total District Area
1. Settlement 6139  11.58 
2. Agricultural Land 26138.6  49.32 
3. Forest Cover 662.5  1.25 
4. Land with /without scrub 1618.46  3.05 
5. Water Bodies    
  (a) Group - A 9610.4  18.13 
  (b) Group - Be20">(b) Group - B 6267.7    11.83  
6. Others 2563.4  4.84 

Source : Manipur Remote Sensing Application Centre