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Printed Date: Monday, June 17, 2024

Aqua Biodiversity

Aqua Biodiversity
Tor putitora
(L.N. - Ngara) 
Clarias mayur
(L.N. - Ngakra)
Hora & Mukerji (1935) reported that since both the Brahmaputra and
Chindwin systems of rivers drain Manipur, its fauna included both Assamese and Burmese elements. The first ever mention of the fishes of Manipur was made by Pemberton (1835), Hora (1921-1937) made a comprehensive report on the fish and fisheries of Manipur.
Further works on the fish diversity led to the discovery of new fishes viz. Puntius jayarami (Vishwanath & Tombi, 1986), Garra manipurensis (Vishwanath & Sarojnamili, 1988), G. litanensis (Vishwanath, 1993), Psilorhynchus micropththalmus (Vishwanath & Manojkumar, 1995), Danio yuensis (Arunkumar & Tombi, 1998), Myersglanis jayarami (Vishwanath & Kosygin, 1999), Semiplotus manipurensis, Harra serratus, Garra compressus and G. elongata (Vishwanath & Kosygin), Aspidoparia ukhrulensis and Barilius chatriensis (Vishwanath & Selim) and Barilius ngawa (Vishwanath & Manojkumar).
Many fishes were recorded new to India from the state. They are: Mystus microphthalmus (Vishwanath & Tombi, 1986), Garra gravelyi and G. kempi (Vishwanath et al, 1987), Neolissocheilus stracheyi (Selim & Vishwanath, 1996), Exostoma stuartii (Selim & Vishwanath, 1998), Salmostoma sladoni (Selim & Vishwanath, 1996), Chagunius nicholsi (Vishwanath et al, 1998), Homaloptera rupecula (Vishwanath et al,1997) and H. modesta (Selim & Vishwanath, 1998), Mystus pulcher (Selim & Vishwanath, 1999). Checklist of fishes of Chatrickong of Ukhrul (Selim & Vishwanath, 1997),  Tizu river (Kosygin & Vishwanath, 1998) and also of the Chindwin headwaters in Manipur (Vishwanath et al, 1998) are also available.
Compared to other parts of the country, survey work in north eastern states is quite difficult because of the topography, inaccessibility and lack of proper language communication. On the other hand, the land is blessed with different drainages, climatic conditions and water conditions. Thus, thorough investigation of the different water sheds and river captures will be necessary to present a clear picture of the fauna of a drainage.