ENVIS Centre, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Target & Achievement in 2016-17

Activity / Target  during 2016-17

Achievements during 2016-17

Target during 2017-18

Subject wise :

Updating of great content and numerical data from a informative sources


Thematic Area Database:  Updated with latest information/data. The list are as follows:

1. Biodiversity Of Manipur

2. Forest Resources

-       Actual Forest Cover By Density Glass

-       Distribution Of Forest Cover

-       Forest Produce

-       Joint Forest Management

-       Recorded Forests

3. Infrastructure

-       Housing

-       Medical And Health Service

-       Transport

4. Agriculture

-       Agriculture Area Classification

-       Crop Production

-       Fertilizer Consumption

-       Pesticide Consumption

5. Energy

-       Electricity Consumption

-       Energy Consumption

-       Non-Renewable Energy

-       Renewable Energy

6. Ecology

-       Biogeographical Zone

-       Botanical Garden

7. Natural Resources

-       Land Use Classification

-       Types Of Wetlands

Thematic Area Report: Following modules are updated with latest information/data.


1.     Wetlands

2.     Water Quality

3.     Water Resource

4.     Tourism & Heritage

5.     Land Resources

6.     Forest Resource

7.     Agriculture

8.     Air

9.     District Profile

10.  Flora Biodiversity

11.  Fauna Biodiversity

12.  Aqua  Biodiversity

13.  Demography

14.  Flagship of Manipur

15.  Jhuming & Deforestation

16.  Climate

17.  Flagship of Manipur

·         Sangai

·         Shirui Lily

·         Nongin

·         Pengba

Thematic Area Database:

To update with latest information/data. The list are as follows:


1.     Wetlands

2.     Jhuming & Deforestation

3.     Water Quality

4.     Tourism & Heritage

5.     Land Resources

6.     Demography

7.     Climate


Thematic Area Report:

To update with latest information/data. The list are as follows:

1.     Biodiversity of Manipur

2.     Wetlands

3.     Jhuming and Deforestation

4.     Water Quality

5.     Tourism And Heritage

6.     Land Resources

7.     Energy

8.     Infrastructure

9.     Forest Resource

10.  Natural Resources

11.  Demography

12.  Climate

13.  Agriculture

14.  Air

15.  Flagship of Manipur

-       Uningthou


1.   E-brochures

2.   Quarterly Newsletter

3.   Published Research Papers

4.   Books

5.   Poster

6.   Annual Report

·   Uploaded 1 no. of E-brochures on 10 incredible places of Manipur

·   Uploaded 4 nos. of latest quarterly Newsletters

·   45 nos. of published Research paper are uploaded(28 nos. of Biological Science & 17 nos. of Environment & Ecology)

·   Uploaded 1 no. of E-book on Biodiversity of Manipur

·   Uploaded 1 no. E-poster on Birds of Manipur


·   To produce E-brochures on Environmental theme

·   To upload maximum published Research papers

·   To update latest Newsletters.

·   To upload maximum Newspaper clipping

·   To produce maximum e campaign posters on environmental theme

Latest News: Updating the maximum news on environmental theme from a informative sources

110 nos. of daily news are uploaded and  some  news are hyperlinked to their related source like The Sangai Express, Manipur update,Imphal Free Press etc.

To update news frequently

Major Activities:

To create a blogging platform to highlight Environment Stories of Manipur to engage more users into the ENVIS website

·      4 nos of Lead stories on environmental issues are published to Blogspot (Environment story of Manipur).Getting positive response in each of the lead stories is published.

·      GIS Maps of Manipur

·      Details information on Birds of Manipur

·      Details information on Orchids of Manipur

·      Details information on Snakes on Manipur

To produce great content to increase the traffic to ENVIS Centre Website .

To add more details information on Birds, Snakes,Orchids,Wetands etc.

Upcoming Events:

To update upcoming environmental events

34 nos. of environmental events are updated

To collect maximum great content related to environmental events


To update maximum glossary of environmental science

updated  150 nos. of glossary of environmental science

To update maximum glossary of environmental science


To update maximum bibliography on Environment related topic

Updated 48 nos. of Bibliography

To update maximum bibliography on Environment related topic

Photo Gallery:

To create different categories of albums

Following Photo albums are uploaded:

1. Tourism Spot (4 nos.)

2. Wetlands of Manipur (2 nos.)

3. Climate Change In Manipur (7 nos.)

4. Fishes Of Manipur (2 nos.)

5. Jhuming And Deforestration in Manipur(2.)

6. Snakes Of Manipur (3 nos.)

7. Birds Of Manipur (4 nos.)

8. Medicinal plants of Manipur(5 nos. of)

To create different categories of albums

Kids Centre:

To develop an educational games for kids to be beneficial learning tools.

Uploaded Online Environment Quiz and puzzle

Jigsaw image puzzle on Flagship of Manipur and Sneak-A-Peek on Environmental related theme are ready to update

Targeting to produce an e-Books and e-Comic on environmental Science

-   Annual ENVIS Report

ENVIS Annual Report 2015-16


ENVIS Annual Report 2016-17

-   Books on “Biodiversity of Manipur  2014”

Compilation is under progress



Completion of data entry in all respects for ISBEID


To upload maximum latest data