ENVIS Centre, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Thursday, July 25, 2024


Experts of Manipur
Sl. No.
Name of Expert
Email Addresss
1 Environmental Clearance Dr. Kh. Shamungou Singh   khshamungou@gmail.com •Wild Life
•Faunal Biodiversity
2 Environmental Clearance Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh Dept. of Chemistry,
Manipur University
rajmuhon@yahoo.co.in •Environmental Chemistry
•Risk Assessment
3 Environmental Clearance Dr. H. Nandiram Sharma Retd. HOD, Botany Dept., DM College of Science, Manipur nandiramhauj@gmail.com • Forestry, Taxonomy
• Floral Diversity
4 Environmental Clearance Prof. W. Vishwanath Singh Dept. of Life Science, Manipur University wvnath@gmail.com • Fish Diversity
• Biology & Conversation
5 Environmental Clearance Dr. P. Kumar Singh Dept. of Life Science, Manipur University potsangbamk031@gmail.com • Ethnobotany & Taxonomy
• Floral Diversity
6 Environmental Clearance Dr. (Mrs) Asha Gupta Dept. of Life Science, Manipur University ashaguptamu@gmail.com • Forestry & Natural Resource   Management
• Risk Assessment
7 Environmental Clearance Dr. Ch. Priyoranjan Singh Dept. of Economics,
Manipur university
priyomu@yahoo.co.in • Environmental Economics
• Risk Assessment
8 Environmental Clearance G. Tomba Sharma     • Environmental Toxicology
• Risk Assessment