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| Last Updated:15/09/2023

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Manipur Tourism Foundation writes to PM

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 05 2022: Manipur Tourism Foundation has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India on January 3 requesting for the decommission of Loktak Hydro Electric Project in order to save the endangered Loktak Lake.

In a statement, Manipur Tourism Foundation has informed that since the commissioning of the Loktak Hydro Electric Project in 1984, a gradual shallowing of the lake has taken place for the last 37 years.

Innumerable edible plants, flowers, fishes, birds and other aquatic plants have disappeared over this period, it added.

Further, more than 37,000 hectares of paddy fields and thousands of fish farms have been submerged since the commissioning of the Project.

Stating that the current health of the Loktak Lake is a big cause for concern, Manipur Tourism Foundation urged the PM to decommission the Project and save the endangered Loktak Lake and along with it the livelihood of the people residing in its periphery.