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| Last Updated:27/02/2020

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DC Tamenglong resolves not to use plastic at all

Source: Imphal Free Press.

TAMENGLONG| Sep 12: “We have resolved not to use even a single plastic product as a show of support for the vision of the PM of India to reduce the environmental damages caused by plastic pollution,” said Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong, Armstrong Pame in a statement. Besides spreading awareness of the responsibilities on the side of the public to ensure that there are no further degradations from the use of plastics, he also stated there shall be no more usage of plastic in his office complex and official bungalow with immediate effect. “Alternative arrangements in the form of water filters for drinking water purposes, usage of glasses in lieu of disposable cups, and naturally handmade cups and plates will be encouraged,” Armstrong Pame continued adding that all food caterers and canteens functioning within the DC office complex Tamenglong will no longer serve food or drink water in plastic containers. “I have also resolved that in all the official functions that this office organises there will be no usage of single use of plastic,” he said adding an appeal to all the District Level Officers of the district to conduct follow-ups in their respective offices. “With this little effort, I along with my officials hope to contribute towards a cleaner Tamenglong district and securing a better planet free of plastic pollutions; and I look forward towards the participation from one and all,” Armstrong Pame added.