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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Dzuko valley replica mesmerises visitors at Sangai Festival

Source: The Peoples Chronicle
IMPHAL, 24th Nov: The replica of Dzuko Valley at the main venue of Sangai Festival-2018 at Hapta Kangjeibung attracts more visitors than other stalls.
The beauty of Dzuko Valley, which lies 2452 metres above sea level and gives a unique natural environment, will be known only by those who visited the actual scenic site. However, its replica being erected at Hapta Kangjeibung gives opportunity to those who could not visit the valley the chance to take selfie. The replica erected at Flower Show stall indeed attracts more visitors than other stalls and visitors throng the replica to click selfies.
Models of green hills surrounding Dzuko Valley, mountain ranges around the valley, rivers flowing through the middle of valley namely Dzuko and Japhu are all in the replica which gives virtual picture of the beautiful valley. The replica also gives virtual picture of bluish sky and clouds flying above the valley when one stands in the middle and this arouse visitors to click selfies. read more>>