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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Shyamkumar appeals to farmers to stop using chemical fertilizers

 Source: Imphal Free Press.

Inaugural day of two day interface programe on strengthening of farmer producer companies under MOVCDNER

Inaugural day of two day interface programe on strengthening of farmer producer companies under MOVCDNER

IMPHAL | Oct 1 : To make Manipur an organic farming state, the state government has decided to restrict the usage of chemical fertilizers in agricultural practices from this year onwards. This was announced by minister of horticulture and soil conservation, Th. Shyamkumar in the inaugural function of the two days interface programme on “Strengthening of farmer producer companies under Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region (MOVCDNER)” held today. The programme was organised by Manipur Organic Mission Agency (MOMA) in association with department of Horticulture and Soil Conservation and department of Agriculture at the training hall of Agriculture department, Sanjenthong Imphal. Speaking on the occasion, Th. Shyamkumar said that everyone knows the advantages of sustainable form of agricultural practices but people cannot stop using chemical fertilizers in the farmland. Considering the environment degradation and health hazards caused by chemical fertilizers, the government has come up with the strict provision of banning the chemical fertilizers and mandatory provision to dig a compost pit in every household of the farmers, he informed. He further stated that only the farmers cannot bring successful organic revolution in the state and that it is essential to build up cordial relations between farmers and officials of concerned department otherwise there will be communication gaps between them. While appealing to officials of the department concerned to initiate and conduct mass awareness programmes on organic farming, Shyamkumar also stated that the first and foremost step to bring successful organic revolution is to change the mind-sets of the people. For this, spreading awareness about the benefits of sustainable agricultural practices is the only option, he added. President of today’s function, J.C. Ramthanga who is the principal secretary of horticulture and soil conservation, said that the main objective of MOMA under the Mission Organic Value Chain Development for the North Eastern Region (MOVCDNER) central scheme is to convert chemical based farming into organic farming while adding that various programmes are being undertaken in all the districts of the State. If the farmers keep on using fertilizers, the mission will be meaningless. So collective effort of farmers, FPC and government officials is required to make the mission successful, he suggested. Other dignitaries who attended the function included additional chief secretary of agriculture, Letkhogin Haokip, director of department of horticulture and soil conservation, K. Kipgen, director of department of agriculture, Ph. Rajendra Singh and social worker, K. Jadumani.