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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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No to plastic call rings out loud in academic discourse

  No to plastic call rings out loud in academic discourse


By Our Staff Reporter

Source: The Sangai Express

IMPHAL, Sep 6 : Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM), during a one day academic discourse, has resolved to pressure the State Government to follow the adoption of plastic waste management system in the State similar to other countries.

The one day academic discourse on ‘Plastic Pollution: Effects and Solution’ was organised by DESAM at State Guest House, Sanjenthong today.

Technical Committee Manipur Wetland Authority Chairman, Dr Khangembam Shamungou, Deputy Director, Environment Department , Dr Brajakumar and DESAM vice president, N Edison Meitei attended the function as the presidium members.

After a threadbare deliberation and based on the opinions/ suggestions of different resource persons and experts, all the members of the function decided to highlight the resolutions adopted during the discourse to the State Government.

The discussion resolved to press the Government to opt for biodegradable and ecological type of plastics instead of the “single use” plastics.

It also decided to sensitize the impacts of such plastics, among the masses and urge the authorities concerned to take up alternate measures for the welfare of the public.

Mass sensitization programmes should be organised at every nook and corner of the State so that the people are thoroughly aware of the different kinds of pollution caused by plastics including air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc, the dialogue further resolved.

The discourse also resolved to urge the Government to consider adopting the plastic waste management system (which has already been implemented in other countries) while also deciding to pressure the State Government to form a policy for proper use of plastic in the State.

Speaking on the occasion, DESAM secretary organisation Somorjit Luwang conveyed that DESAM has been taking major initiatives against conventional plastics, a thing which has been a part of the daily lives of the people.

The world has been facing the problem of plastic waste with more than one million water bottles used per minute while more than five trillion plastic disposal bags are used in a minute, he claimed.

In India, as per the report of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), around 15,342 tonnes of plastics are being generated in a day, Somorjit said.

Meanwhile, 120 metric tonnes of solid waste are being generated per day in Imphal city, out of which 5 percent of the waste is plastics, he said while adding that another report of CPCB stated that Imphal generates more than 6.26 tonnes of plastics in a day.

Citing the objective of conducting the discussion, Somorjit maintained that the function, attended by experts, environmentalists and various resource persons, would urge the State Government to utilise the powers given by Environment Protection Act 1996 and Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016, which prohibits plastics that are not eco-friendly, and take up concrete steps to fight plastic pollution.

Dr Kh Shamungou, moderator of the discussion, stated that it is the high time to join hands and march forward and combat the impact of plastic in the environment and the eco system.

He said, it would not be an exaggeration to say that major portions of the Loktak lake have been polluted by plastics. Negative impacts on Loktak lake is equal to negative effects on the people.

Lauding DESAM for organising the discourse which is the need of the hour, he stressed on a joint movement to fight and prevent negative effects of plastics in the State.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Environment Department, Dr Brajakumar stated that people should be aware of the negative impacts of plastics on health, environment and the eco system. He added that people should adopt an alternative means instead of utilizing the conventional plastics.

DESAM vice president N Edison also urged the public to start using biodegradable/ environment friendly bag considering the grave negative effects of plastic.