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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Sangai population exceeds 260

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 08 2018: The total population of Sangai in their only natural habitat Keibul Lamjao National Park (KLNP) has exceeded 260 and the park is now crowded, claimed Forest and Environment Minister Th Shyamkumar. Th Shyamkumar today released a report at his Secretariat office on the head-count of Sangai and Kharsa carried out at KLNP and some other places on March 22, 24 and 26 this year. The total population of Sangai in 2016 was 260 and it has risen a little but the total number of Kharsa would be between 227 and 368, Shyamkumar said. Saying that KLNP is now crowded for the growing population of Sangai and other animals, he said that a second home for Sangai would be developed and the Government would ensure that the Sangai second home does not pose any inconvenience to the public. But people residing within the area identified for development of a second home for Sangai would be evicted if they do not cooperate with the Government, Shyamkumar warned. Altogether 15,841 birds of 46 different species were sighted when migratory birds which migrated to Loktak Lake and surrounding areas were counted last winter. The number of migratory birds which migrated to Loktak Lake and surrounding areas last winter was lower as compared to the previous years. This was mainly due to high water level and extensive use of LED bulbs for fishing during night, Shyamkumar said. He announced that a bird sanctuary would be set up in Thinungei, Bishnupur district for the first time in the State. To a query raised by reporters, the Forest and Environment Minister informed that the Government has already banned use of LED for fishing and police have been instructed to take up necessary action. The Government will continue to evict encroachers from reserved forest areas and there is no question of resettling evicted encroachers in any reserved forest area. The Government will also take up befitting action against construction of many buildings/structures within Yangoupokpi Wildlife Sanctuary by Assam Rifles, Shyamkumar said. PCCF K Angami, Chief Wildlife Warden Anurag Vajpayee, DFO Arun RS, DCF Ajita Longjam and DFO Waikhom Mirabai were also present at the gathering.