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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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ADC, Ukhrul conducts extensive cleanliness movement at Ukhrul

 Source: The Sangai Express / Mungchan Zimik

Ukhrul, August 08 2018: Ukhrul Autonomous District Council (UADC) administrative staff including teaching community organized three days extensive cleanliness movement in Ukhrul town today. Speaking to our correspondent, CEO, ADC, Ukhrul Polly Makan stressed that the main objective of the Department is to initiate the cleanliness movement in the district so as to motivate and get people accustomed with the mindset of clean surrounding and environment.
P Makan said, under ADC Ukhrul, a Small Town Committee (STC) was set up to maintain the town sanitation in Ukhrul, however, with the rapid increase in population, the volume of waste products and garbage of the town also increases tremendously while the lack of proper disposal has become a serious problem in the district. Although STC, Ukhrul engaged three Tata tipper for daily collection of the waste and filth, it has proved little benefit to the people. Due to the shortage of truck and work force, STC is unable to collect stock garbage of the local residential areas till date. She went on to mention that, until the State Government provides special assistance to ADC, Ukhrul for purchase of additional truck and labourers, the problem of waste disposal will go on. The residents of Ukhrul town needs awareness on solid waste management and get themselves involve in attaining a hygienic and clean surrounding. She urged the town folks to make used of the installed garbage bins on the main road of the town. The cleanliness drive was officially announced for two days however, it was further extended till today in order to achieve the set target of the Department for mass awareness of Ukhrul clean town movement. The social work started from District Hospital to Kharasom junction, Ukhrul town from 6 am onwards to cover the whole stretch of the main town (which is about 6 km) in the three days event. The CEO added that over 150 staff were divided in five groups to enhance the town cleaning activities inviting all the employed ADC teachers of the town and locals from the nearby villages. She further informed that, a similar notice has been served to all the ADC, schools of Ukhrul ahead of the sanitation campaign programme. The State Government's State level clean district Award will be given based on the overall clean management of the respective district (including main town of the market place, schools, public conveniences, worship places and office premises) . P Makan expressed gratitude to all the elected councillors of the district for their support and to make the clean movement a grand success. ADC, Ukhrul under Swacch Surveksan Grameen organized this three days event of cleanliness drive at Ukhrul.