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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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'Plastics invade Loktak Lake'

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 04 2018: Loktak Lake which is closely associated with the history and culture of Manipur is being invaded by plastic wastes, according to noted environmentalist Dr Kh Shamungou. Talking to The Sangai Express on the eve of the World Environment Day which would be observed tomorrow on the theme 'Beat Plastic Pollution', Dr Shamungou categorically stated that people residing around Loktak Lake have very little to do with its deteriorated condition. With several rivers which drain into the lake bringing huge volumes of plastic wastes continuously, most parts of the lake have now been filled with plastics, he said. Yangoi River is also becoming shallower as a thick layer of plastics has filled up the river bed. Plastics which have been deposited at Loktak are not disposed there by people residing around the lake but they are brought there from far off places by rivers which drain into the lake, he said. Laws would not be enough to protect environment or save Loktak Lake, all the people should be fully aware of the harmful effects of disposing plastic materials into rivers. Dr Shamungou further suggested replacement of plastic containers/plates with paper bags and banana leaves. He said that one truck load of plastic wastes reaches the seas every single minute. Plastic pollution is now a very big issue throughout the world, he said. Nonetheless, he expressed gratification that India is hosting this year's World Environment Day. According to data collected by the Directorate of Environment, plastics constitute 5 per cent of the total solid wastes churned out at Imphal city every day. BJP Manipur Pradesh vice-president and environment activist M Asnikumar said that plastic wastes brought down by Nambul River have severely affected the ecology of Loktak Lake. He said that there is a growing need to treat the water of all rivers which drain into Loktak Lake. Meanwhile, a press release issued by Principal Chief Conservator of Forests K Angami said that beating plastic pollution will go a long way in addressing the issue of environmental pollution and protection. Saying that it is the shared duty of every citizen to protect and preserve nature, K Angami appealed to all the people to cooperate with the Forest Department in the latter's endeavour to preserve the State's forest wealth.