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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Monitor lizard rescued

 Source: Imphal Free Press.

Volunteers of Yening Animal Foundation rescue a monitor lizard

Volunteers of Yening Animal Foundation rescue a monitor lizard

IMPHAL | May 19 : A Monitor lizard, an endangered species listed in Schedule I of Indian Wildlife Act, was rescued from Nongada Makha Leikai, Imphal East, on Friday by volunteers of Yening Animal Foundation (YAF). The rescued lizard was immediately handed over to the state Zoo at Iroishemba, Imphal. The animal was found in possession of an unidentified person by N. Parfullo amadi Ph. Shankar of Nongada Makha Leikai. Both contacted YAF. The voluntary organisation immediately collected the lizard and handed to the zoo. Chairman of YAF, Sapna Laishram said, saving endangered species like the lizard is a must to do task to preserve for future generations. The voluntary organisation also appreciated the two persons who saved the lizard. Monitor lizards belong to the family Varanidae. All monitors are tropical reptiles. They are active lizards, which may be very hostile, lashing out with their tails upon the slightest provocation. Even a small monitor can produce a stinging lash with its tail. Due to illegal poaching monitor lizards have declined in population throughout India. Monitor Lizards are an endangered species today. Monitor lizards have a long and flattened body (can be upto 1.5 meter long), long tail (1 m), long neck and extremely elongated, slender, forked tongue, similar to that of snakes. The family is of ancient origin, 50 million year old.