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| Last Updated:14/09/2020

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Disaster Management training held at Yeasom village


Disaster Management training held at Yeasom village

Disaster Management training held at Yeasom village

Source: Imphal Free Press

THOUBAL | May 6 : State Disaster Management Authority, Civil Defence, State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) along with Forest department organised a one-day ‘disaster management’ training programme at the Community Hall of Yeasom village, Kamjong district.

The training programme, which was held under the sponsorship of department of Relief and Disaster Management (DRDM), Govt. of Manipur, included sessions on Negative impacts of deforestation, Search and rescue, Fire-fighting, First-aid and Earthquake drills amongst others. Training staff officer of DRDM, Mohammed Ayub Khan attended the training programme as chief guest while secretary of Yeasom Village Authority, Nanaoshang shared the dais as president.

Speaking at the event, Mohammed Ayub Khan emphasized on the need for imparting disaster management education for all while expounding that natural disaster such as earthquakes, forest- fires and landslides occurs frequently all over the world causing severe damages including loss of lives. Highlighting that a lot of people remain unaware of the possible actions to be done in the face of natural disasters, Mohammed Ayub Khan also stated that people should attend such disaster management training programmes in order to obtain knowledge for practical purposes.

He further stated that DRDM has continually initiated disaster management training programmes all over the state, adding that a three-day disaster management training programme had also been conducted at Yeasom village earlier in the month of March, and the villagers knowing the value and importance had requested for the training programme to be conducted again.

As part of the programme, Mohammed Ayub Khan also presented a session on forest fire management along with various demonstration sessions from other resource persons. The one-day ‘disaster management’ training programme witnessed the attendance of more than 250 participants.