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| Last Updated:14/09/2020

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Large number of fishes perish in Nungleng Pukhri at Kangla

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 03 2018: A large number of fishes including big ones of Nungjeng Pukhri (pond) located to the northern side of sacred Ibudhou Pakhangba temple inside Kangla have been seen dead and floating.

The fishes started dying a few days back.

It is said that the pond is around 17/18 feet deep and the fishes might have died due to contamination/pollution of water.

Starting from smaller ones, big fishes weighing as much as 10 Kgs were seen dead and floating.

Some experts opined that the fishes died due to lack of oxygen.

High content of carbon monoxide and presence of oxygen in low volume in the water might be responsible for asphyxiation and death of fishes.

It is said that it is crucial to ensure optimal movement of water inside the pond so as to let sunlight and oxygen percolate through the water surface.

As such, water is being pumped out and pumped in into the pond since the past couple of days.

Caretakers of the pond said that fishes have started regaining strength as movement of water has let oxygen percolate through the water surface.

After due communication with.

Fishery Department, many chemicals/medicines have also been put into the pond.

However, more fishes were seen dying and floating although the number had diminished and they were being pulled out as they would further pollute the water if not pulled out before they get decomposed.