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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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‘People should start using less non-biodegradable products to get clean environment’

Source: Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL | Apr 30: People should start using less non-biodegradable products to bring a clean environment and to reduce dumping of waste in the rivers.

Director of Arts and Culture, Ngangom Uttam Singh as guest of honour said this during a prize distribution ceremony of a painting competition held today at Haobam Marak Keisham Leikai community hall.

The painting competition was held under the theme “Save Nambul” organised by Solidarity of Women and Peace (SWAP).

Uttam said that in the olden days, people of the state used to worship rivers and a deity, and during that time, people used river water in their essential commodities. But due to the development in technology and the using of tap water, the people have started ignoring the benefits of river water. People started dumping of waste materials in the river and among the rivers of the state, Nambul River received the biggest impact as it runs through the heart of the city, he said.

Using of non-biodegradable products has been increased due to its flexibility and using of biodegradable products has been decreasing. He said people should aware of the three R which is Reduce, Recycle and Reused. With this three R, environmental pollution could be reduced.

Most of the civilisation was started from the river bank and it is the duty for the people to protect the rivers for the welfare of the society. He appealed the public to stop dumping of waste in the river, to reuse it as our forefather used in their time.

The painting competition was taken part by eighty three students reading in class VI to XII from different schools. It was divided into three categories; for category one (class VI to VIII), Martin Tongbram, for category two (class IX to XII), Telen Khaidem and category three (class I to V), Rajshree took the first position in their respective categories. The first, second and third position holders were given award of Rs. 3000, Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1000 including certificates. For each category, five students were given consolation prizes which comprised of Rs. 500 and certificates.

The programme was taken part by education minister, Th. Radheshyam, retired inspector general of police, S. Dinokumar Singh, MLA, H. Dingo Singh as chief guest president and guest of honour respectively.