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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Coal will be made industrial fuel to save forests: Shyam

 Karam Shyam speaks to media

Karam Shyam speaks to media


Source: Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL | Feb 26 : Consumer Affair Food and Public Distribution (CAF and PD) minister, Karam Shyam said the State has started policy of coal as fuel in industries and brick field as preventive measure on deforestation and to prevent black marketing on coal to increase the State’s economy.

Minister stated this during inspection of storage of coal at Eastern House Construction Private limited located at Waithou, Imphal East.

He said most of the brick firms and industries of the state are using wood as fuel that causes air pollution. Not only the burning of wood produce pollution but it also is the main factor of deforestation, he added. To prevent this issue the state has taken the policy to decrease pollution.

He further said by substituting coal as fuel it would reduce pollution in the environment and it will lessen issue of deforestation in the state.

Under new coal distribution policy any industry can purchase coal for their usage with a minimum limit of 4,200 metric tonnes per annum from a coal company. If the industry failed to meet the minimum limit it has to purchase from a State Nominated Agency, Shyam added.

Shyam said director of commerce and industries, Manipur and the chief inspector of Factories and Boilers cum CE nominated CAF & PD department as supplying agency under new coal distribution policy of Coal India Limited.

As industries of the state could hardly meet the minimum annual procurement, state has taken the initiative to supply in small units to industries of the state. From this the state will get a margin of 5 percent. This will help to increase the state income besides conserving the environment, said Shyam.

The state has so far engaged Eastern Coalfields Limited, West Bengal, Bharat Cooking Coal Limited, Jharkhand and North Eastern Coalfield, Margherita, Assam. At present a total of seven lakh metric tons have been procured from the coalfields out of proposed 10, 000 metric tons, minister continued.

The coal is priced according to grades, Rs. 5.40 per kg for grade-I coal, Rs. 4.60 for grade-II, Rs. 4. 50 for grade-III, Rs. 4.30 for grade-IV and Rs. 3.90 for grade-V.

The present import of coal by private firms in the state is illegal and it does not pay taxes to the government. The firms are procuring coals from Meghalaya and Dimapur. After we make the announcement the state can take up steps to restrict unauthorized buying of coal. The government will soon take up measures to stop illegal transport of coal into the state, added the minister.

One can order to acquire the coal by March to the department. The government will meet the demand of the industrialists. At present department has procured 3, 000 metric tons and will try to make the coal flow to meet the demand, he said.

Shyam appeal the industrialist to procure coal from the state agency.