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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Loktak Water bird Census 2018 held

 Source: The Sangai Express

Bishnupur, January 20 2018: The Loktak water bird census was carried out at 50 different locations around Loktak lake, including Associated Wetlands Tangjeng today. The water bird census was organised by Indian Bird Conservation Network Manipur in association with various local clubs around Loktak, under the sponsorship of Manipur Forest Department Wildlife Wing.
 The census took place at spot number 20, also known as Ngakra Kom, in which Deputy Conservator of Forest Park and Sanctuary E Nirmala Chanu, Kumbi College Principal as well as Honorary Wildlife Warden, Bishnupur K Jugeshwor Singh and other forest department officials participated. Meanwhile, the water bird census on spot number 8 at Ningthoukhong Awang Pat was held under IBCN State Coordinator RK Birjit Singh. The census for the remaining locations were carried out by trainees and members of local club who were present in the motivational camp held on January 16 and 17 . Speaking to media persons, E Nirmala lamented the use of LED bulbs by fishermen during night time while adding that the decrease in number of migratory birds could be due to the use of bulbs and fishing at night. She expressed hope that if fishing is not carried out at night, birds migrating from different places could double in numbers like earlier times. The Forest Department has also introduced several alternative means/source of livelihood for the fishermen, she added. Honorary Wildlife Warden K Jugeshwor Singh stated that the water bird census which is conducted annually under the sponsorship of Forest Department since 2011 has witnessed a big decrease in the number of birds, which is quite unfortunate. He asserted that, according to RAMSAR site in 1990, the number of migratory in Loktak lake was 20,000, however, the site entered Montrix record in 1993, which indicated some ecological changes (pollution or human interferences) in the lake. He urged all to extend support and put maximum effort in removing Loktak lake from Montrix site and increase the number of migratory as well as the native birds.