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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Air, noise pollution cross permissible limits


IMPHAL, Jan 15: Air pollution as well as noise pollution at Imphal have exceeded the permissible limits and they are posing health hazards.
Scientists and engineers of Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) conducted a test of pollution levels at BT Road, Governor Road and Maharani Bridge.
They said that the noise and air pollution caused by diesel auto-rickshaws have crossed the permissible limits with the noise level exceeding 65 decibels.
Noise monitoring at BT Road between 1 pm and 2 pm recorded 73.5 db. Noise level recorded at Governor Road was 75.5 db. Out of 27 diesel auto-rickshaws tested, four were found emitting noise and smoke beyond the permissible limits. As all diesel auto-rickshaws which emit noise and sound beyond permissible limits pose public health hazards, it is desirable to put them out of service, said the scientists.
Speaking to media persons, MPCB Chairman L Radhakishore said that a joint meeting with the Mayor of IMC and CSOs will be held and measures would be taken up to limit the number of diesel auto-rickshaws to around 500. Radhakishore appealed to all the people to take responsibilities in making Imphal a clean and pollution free city.
A notification has been received from the National Green Tribunal and it says that loud speakers should not be sold or lent out if they are not equipped with sound meters.
Motorcycles which emit high decibel sounds would be banned at Imphal city from March, added the MPCB Chairman.