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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Barren Yongchak crop hits many farmers

 SENAPATI | Jan 10

Source: Imphal Free Press

Drying up of Yongchak (Tree beans) on a large scale at Ngamju and neighbouring villages in Senapati has worried hundreds of farmers.

Yongchak farmers told The Herald Today that premature death of tree beans has been happening since 2010 and getting worst since 2014 creating fear among farmers and lose of family income.


T.Shangpo from Ngamju village pointed out that Yongchak, a cash crop has now become the main source of family income. With suitable climatic condition and fertility of land, Yongchak from Ngamju are healthier with better taste and has high market demand at Imphal, Kachai in Ukhrul and Senapati. Almost all the villagers now grow not less than 30 to 40 Yongchak trees as it helps them support their children’s education and meet other daily requirements.

He further said he has planted about 500 trees and expecting a good harvest this year valuing not less than Rs.3 Lakhs. However, 70 percent of fruits bearing trees have already dried up. Beside, other farmers doing Yongchak plantation on a large scale have also been badly affected, he said.

 On being asked whether the villagers are getting any support from the government on Yongchak plantation, K.V.Longni, a retired Govt teacher and Yongchak farmer, said villagers took up plantation, without any assistance from Government, be it supply of saplings, training or financial help.

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