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| Last Updated:19/08/2019

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Organic Farming training

 Source: IT News

Imphal, December 14 2017: Regional Centre of Organic Farming Started 2 days training programme on Organic Farming for Extension officers and field functionaries at RCOF Imphal today Dr..VPandey welcomed all the participants in the program.

The program is inaugurated by Dr..HBeerkumar Singh; Principal Scientist and in charge NEIST CSIR Imphal centre.

In his inaugural address Dr.Sigh focused the need of bioresource conservation through adoption of Organic Farming in Manipur.

While Dr.Pandey said that organic farming is the only way to conserve our soil; land and water resources.

Besides organic products also fatch premium price to Farmers for their crop.

The program is attended by 20 Extension officers from deptt.

Of horticulture and soil conservation govt. of Manipur.

Dr.Sachin Kumar presented vote of thanks.