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| Last Updated:20/08/2019

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Bird traps seized

 02 December 2017

From Our Correspondent


Source: Imphal Free Press

Continuing the campaign against the illegal trapping and poaching of migratory birds under Thoubal Forest Division, a drive was conducted today at Khongyampat near Tangjeng Khunjao and Moirangkompat near Kakching Khunuo. Five bird traps were recovered and seized from the trappers from Khongyampat.

Different wetlands such as Loushipat, Kharungpat, Khoidumpat and Pumlenpat were also covered during the drive.

Today's bird trap search operation was conducted under the guidance of N. Munal Meitei, Range Forest Officer, Kakching along with B.O. Wangoo Lamkhai, Md. Aslam Khan, B.O, Waikhong, N. Brojen Singh, B.O. Pallel, Md. Sallauddin, deputy ranger Kakching range, M. Biran Singh, and two honorary district wildlife wardens, W. Ramchandra Singh and M. Opendro Singh.All the five bird traps were recovered from Khongyampat which is located very near to the most important perch for migratory birds under Thoubal Forest Division i.e. Tangjeng Lamyengpat.

Taking advantage of the fog, the offenders however escaped.

Later, the adjoining lakes such as Loushipat, Kharungpat, Khoidumpat and Pumlenpat were also checked.

The range forest officer, N. Munal Meitei said that after the repeated departmental drives at various wetlands under Thoubal forest division, his department is very happy because the general public has come to some awareness of the more>>