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| Last Updated:19/08/2019

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'Loktak lake is reduced to the status of sick Ramsar lake'

 Source: IT News / Rabi Takhellambam

Thoubal, November 10 2017: Loktak lake is now reduce to the name of sick Ramsar lake as the number of migratory birds has been reduced to just around 7 thousand a year. This was stated by the Thoubal district Forest Officer RK Amarjit during the flagged off ceremony of cycle rally organised under the them save migratory birds and lakes of the region in Thoubal district. He said that, the one and only fresh water lake of the state Loktak lake has been listed as Ramsar site as it is a site for migratory birds. However as the number of migratory bird took shelter in the lake has been reduced to 7000 the lake is now becoming sick lake as the number of migratory bird should be at least 20, 000 for declaring as Ramsar.

RK Amarjit further said that migratory birds from around the world will be arriving from November till February. It will be impossible for the department to launch drive for each and every migratory birds from the hand of the poachers, so its is only through awareness that these bird could be save. He appealed people to take their role in protecting the migratory birds.


Loktak lake

Loktak lake :: Pix - Deepak Oinam

The cycle rally was flagged off Thoubal district Superintendent of Police K.Meghachandra.
The rally aims to spread awareness about protection of Migratory Birds and preservations of the lakes and water body of the state. The cycle rally organised by the Divisional Forest Officer, Thoubal in collaboration with Ningsing Lup Tekcham was flagged off from Tekcham ground. The rally snakes through the streets of villages in the periphery of Ekok Pat, Kharung Pat and Loushi Pat and then return to the place where it begins.

cycle rally was flagged off Thoubal district Superintendent of Police K.Meghachandra

Cycle rally was flagged off Thoubal district Superintendent of Police K.Meghachandra

Speaking on the occasion SP K Meghachandra stressed on the importance of migratory bird. He said organising event to welcome the wild life is a welcoming initiative. "We cannot neglect the importance of wild life as their presence is maintaining the eco system", the SP said. He further added that such an initiative needs support from all sections of people of the state.