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| Last Updated:20/08/2019

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Minister stresses on researches into sustainable development

 Source: Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL| Nov 2, 2017

Minister for education, labour and employment Th.Radhyeshyam Singh said conservation of sustainable resources is top in the priorities list of young people. He also added that young minds need to innovate and link their concerns with researches and studies aimed at forging a better future for the society.

A round table discussion on the topic Research and Education Priorities for transforming North-East India was held at the Institute of Bio-resources and Sustainable Development (IBSD) Takyelpat where Th. Radeshyam Singh and Prof. Dinabandhu Sahoo were chief guest and the president respectively.

Many learned doctors, scientists, professors and scholars joined the discussion.

The minister said mankind is faced with many problems related to nature and its resources, and the reason behind this is that they no longer care about living in harmony with nature.

He said for a solution, we have to do research and studies prioritising the importance. Every day in the newspaper we can witness many researches are been carried out but will the research sustain and benefit the people and society.

He further said now is the right time for the people to conduct researches on new frontiers of science such as nuclear energy, solar, the wind and other sustainable resources, which hold the key for a better future. read more>>