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| Last Updated:19/08/2019

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Biren calls for conserving biodiversity wealth

Source: Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL | Aug 30

“We need to learn to live in harmony with nature. While utilising biotechnology, let’s not forget how to conserve our precious biodiversity wealth and traditional practices and indigenous wisdom,” said chief minister, N. Biren. 

He was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural session of the 7th review and monitoring cum mentoring meeting of department of biotechnology (DBT) sponsored Biotech Hubs in Northeast India at Hotel Imphal today.

He called for exploring scientific means to conserve the precious biodiversity wealth of the State including rare Shirui Lily and Sangai. Let’s listen to the soulful cries of the sick Loktak lake, pangs of the precarious Sangai and anguished whispers of Shirui Lily, he added.

“I hope biotech can do something to conserve these precious biodiversity and ecosystem resources urgently as I believe such rare plants and animals once extinct will not come back again”, the chief minister said.

Biren contended that as someone who has been associating with governmental efforts in various capacities since 2002 in the service of the people of Manipur, especially in the area of forest and environment, he can foresee the potential role of biotechnology in every sector of the economy, be it agriculture, food, energy or environment.

He further said that it is imperative to work in concert to harness the natural resources of Manipur and the rich biodiversity of the Northeast, its flora, fauna, rare and endemic medicinal plants, aromatic and ornamental plants and microbial resources.

Biren also expressed hope that the biotechnologists present at the function would extend help to the State government towards harnessing biotechnology for the overall growth and development of the State and the region, and thereby contributing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of building a New India by 2022. read more>>