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| Last Updated:15/03/2019

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State river water highly contaminated

Source: Imphal Free Press 

IMPHAL | July 15,2017

High rate of carbon dioxide and ammonia are found at river mouth of Nambul, Nambol and Yangoi during a test conducted at at Yangoi Karong by directorate of environment under the project Namami rivers and Loktak lake.

According to development officer of the directorate of environment, Porompat, L. Bijen Meitei, during spot testing at Nambul, Nambol  and Yangoi cannel many fish were found death. The reason is due to low amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

While testing dissolved oxygen was found under 5 parts per million (PPM), for survival of fish it should be more than 5 PPM. Lack of dissolved oxygen in water will affect the flora and fauna of the Loktak lake, he added.

Bijen said not only lack of dissolved oxygen was found in the test but also carbon dioxide and ammonia contain were found. The rate of carbonic acid formed in the water was high and its potential of hydrogen (PH) value was below 6.5. Somewhere it was found alkaline which is more than 7.1 PH value.

Further testing will be done in the laboratory for investigating other toxic contain. The possibility of containing pathogenic bacteria is highly suspected which might cause microbiological pollution that will cause fatal for the people surviving in nearby lake, he added.

In order to prevent from depletion of dissolved oxygen proper sewage treatment should be done along the river course and especially in the city area, Bijen stated.