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| Last Updated:20/08/2019

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Rains wreak havoc in state


Rains wreak havoc in state

Source: Imphal Free Press
IMPHAL | May 31
Torrential rains triggered by Cyclone Mora left trails of destructions with rivers overflowing, flooding homes and damaging bridges in various parts of the state.
Imphal river and Numbul river overflowed today in Imphal East, Imphal West and Thoubal districts due to heavy rains triggered by Cyclone Mora.
The overflow occurred in different areas of Khurai and Telipati in Imphal East, Singjamei Okram Leikai and DC office in Imphal West and different areas of Wangjing and Heirok in Thoubal district.  
On the other hand landslide took place in five different hill districts. The places of land slide are Shirui village in Ukhrul district, Samphui area in Kamjong district, Barak bridge area in Tamenglong district, 8 Miles road in Kangpokpi district, road between Hengohing and Henkok in Chandel district.
According to the reports of Disaster Management Department a man was swept away by the overflowing water at Jesami, Ukhrul and search is on.
The water level at Minuthong bridge and Lilong bridge crossed danger level, according to the data of I&FC department.
The Ethai dam gate no 5 which was kept closed earlier was opened to reduce the water level of the rivers.
In Kamjong district five houses were badly damaged in Phungyer by the heavy rains and storms. Concerned DC is coordinating with the Disaster Management Department and has given assistance to restore their houses.
In Thoubal district five houses including a large area of paddy field were destroyed by the storms and heavy rainfall.
In Churachandpur eight houses got damaged and in Tamenglong district a house, a foot suspension bridge and a community hall were damaged.
In Kangpokpi district, our correspondent adds: The waves of tropical Cyclone Mora hit Kangpokpi district yesterday night with heavy rainfall submerging many paddy fields, increasing water level, creating landslide in various locations in the district and damaging bridges in some areas.
The heavy rainfall yesterday night increased the level of Gundung (Imphal River) creating panic among the residents nearby the river and a few abandoned the area and moved to safer places.
According to the District Administration reports, landslide occurred at 9 Miles along Imphal - Tamenglong Road in Twilang area which rendered many vehicles stranded on either side of the road connecting Kangpokpi district.
The District Administration immediately contacted the chief engineer, PWD (NEC) over telephone and the blocked road was cleared by using JCBs.
Another landslide has been reported to the District Administration at Changoubung village and Maohing Nepali village while several drainages have been blocked along National Highway-2.
It was reported that one Shaktiman has been swept away by heavy water current of Gundung (Imphal River) at Bimpaorao near Sapormeina.
A bridge constructed on the way to Motbung from Thomjang village located about 5 Km from the National Highway-2 has been washed away in Saitu Sub Division while Sapormeina - Saikul Bridge over Gundung River near Chalkot village got cracked at its base and subsequently the District Administration and authority concerned asked Sapormeina Police to seal the bridge for the safety of the general public.
As per instruction from the District Administration and concerned department, Sapormeina police led by its OC JK Khongsai sealed the bridge this afternoon at around 1:30 pm.
N Saratchandra Singh, assistant engineer-II, Sadar Hills Division, PWD, Manipur said that owing to the crack at the base of the bridge it has become dangerous for the passing vehicles and pedestrians and asked the Sapormeina police to stop public access until further reconstruction of the bridge.
Meanwhile, many paddy fields in Konghom areas of Saikul sub-division have been submerged due to the heavy rainfall while similar flood was also reported at lower Kalapahar.
United Welfare Committee (UWC), KSO Saikul and Konghom Area Youth Development Union (KAYDU) visited the inundated paddy fields in N Chalkot, S Bolkot and other parts of Konghom areas.
PK Road connecting the areas with Motbung is also immensely affected while many other paddy fields along Saikul road in Konghom area have been submerged.
Drawing the attention of the state government and concerned department, UWC general secretary Tonglen Khongsai urged the government to look into the grievances of the flood affected victims of Konghom areas and provide immediate assistance.
He also opined that such calamity has occurred mainly due to deforestation and appealed to the people of Kangpokpi district to stop felling of trees and pioneer the idea of developing environment.
He also urged the state government to introduce an alternative means for livelihood of jhum cultivators so as to ensure forest preservation and environmental development.
Meanwhile, the District Administration Kangpokpi highlighted the emergency phone number 9612627048 which has been activated since yesterday to attend any query or information sought by the general public especially in view of the tropical Cyclone Mora and heavy rains occurred in the last two days.In Chandel district out of seven blocks, four blocks were affected by heavy rains and storms. More than 200 houses in Khengjoi got badly damaged and Shaluk bridge was also damaged.
The concerned DC along with relief team has given assistance and relief materials to the victims.
Twenty villages got affected and 45 houses along with a bridge were damaged under Chakpikarong sub-division.
In Senapati district many villages were flooded and around 15 live stokes and structures got damaged.
Speaking to IFP, Relief and Disaster Management DRO, Ak Ranjitkumar Singh said that such disaster is caused by the global climate change which occurs by the result of deforestation.
The flood is caused due to improper management of the drainage system and cutting down of trees, leading to landslides, he added.
Before ten years ago the department focussed only on relief but now the department is taking a proactive role during a disaster, pre-disaster and post disaster, continued Ranjitkumar.
The department has set up a 24 x 7 control room in the interest of the public and the phone no is 0385-2443441. Anyone can call them during any disaster.
The I&FC department is coordinating with the Disaster Management Department along with the locals in controlling the overflow of the rivers using sandbags and excavators and tipper trucks.
Landslides at Raphei area
Our Ukhrul correspondent adds, the fury of cyclone Mora has cut off the road connectivity of Raphei Area (Northern Tangkhul) to the rest of the state.
Landslide at more than 30 intersections between Lunghar Village to Jorcheng-Phangrei and Shirui has crippled the vehicular movement in the area and so far no help team has arrived to clear the landslide while filing this report
There are also reports of Mora cyclone creating havoc causing flood at paddy fields that are ready for rice transplantation and damaging standing crops at Phungcham village and other villages at Ukhrul district.
The fury of the cyclone has damaged many standing crops, rice saplings and uprooted many trees, and the farmers are feeling helpless and lost as the incessant torrent rain which has flooded the rivers thereby causing flood to their paddy field.
Moreover, water reservoir at Ravao Kong at Shirui was swept away last night and the massive water flowing from the reservoir has washed away the culvert at National Highway 202, the only road connecting Raphei Area (Northern Tangkhul) to Ukhrul Headquarter and Manipur.
Consequently, Raphei Area has been completely cut off from Manipur and immediate intervention from the authority concerned is needed to bring back the life line of Raphei Area.