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| Last Updated:20/08/2019

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Convert organic waste into compost

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 19 2017: Conversion of the unused farm and household waste into compost can reduce 25-30 percent usage of the chemical fertilizer in the agricultural fields and help in effective disposal of waste, said Dr DS Yadav, Assistant Director, Regional Centre of Organic Farming(RCOF). Dr Yadav said that all types of organic waste and weeds can be utilised effectively for making valuable compost.

This will not only help in improving the economy of the farmers but also it will help in preventing contamination of the soil. Stating that continuous use of chemical fertilizer degrades the soil health and subsequently affects the food chain causing health hazard, Dr Yadav claimed that some of the Indian States are prone to dreaded diseases such as cancer due to large scale consumption of vegetables produced using chemicals. Considering such disturbing aspects in the agriculture practices, scientists of RCOF have re-introduced the demonstration activities of converting farm and household waste into compost for a sustainable development in Manipur. In one of their demonstration activities which was participated by the a sizeable number of farmers, Dr Yadav explained about the potential of all types of organic waste and weeds in making valuable compost and it's importance in protecting crop from soil-borne diseases and pests. On the other hand, Dr V Pandey, Junior Scientific officer shared that use of cow dung and poultry dropping apart from using weeds, crop refuse and other organics waste will help in making compost out of farm and household waste faster. Dr Pandey observed that the farmers need to practice such activities for their sustainability.

Once they understand, they will start at their own as it requires no machinery or infrastructure. So far, scientists of RCOF in association local supporters including national award winner farmers have conducted three such demonstration activities at three villages in Imphal West and Imphal East districts as part of country wide Swacchta Pakhwara programme to educate the importance of cleanliness and effective disposal of waste.