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| Last Updated:20/08/2019

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Houpum to be an eco-tourism spot

 IMPHAL | Apr 27, 2017

Source: Imphal Free Press

Officials of Manipur State Tourism Department along with BJP state vice-president Adim Panmei conducted a spot visit at Khoupum valley yesterday with the aim of turning the village into a tourism spot.

During the visit the officials had interacted with the villagers of Khoupum and found out that the village is very rich in its handloom products. But, due lack of market and transport facilities the villagers could not earn much.

While observing the nature surroundings of Khapum valley the officials found out that it will be a very attractive tourism spot as there is natural beauty which includes the highest waterfall of the state, a cave, Khapum lake and sightseeing plateau which will be a perfect place for constructing a guests house.

One of the villagers, Gaisi Kamei is ready to donate his hillock to the tourism department for developing the village into an eco-tourism destination.

Speaking to media persons Manipur State Tourism Department assistant manager Ak Sharatchandra said that the spot visit was in the aim of turning the village into an eco-tourism spot.

“The village has a perfect natural view and will be a great eco-tourism spot and if there is cooperation between the tourism department and the villagers, it can be an international tourism spot,” he hoped.

Sharatchandra said that the lake can be used as a spot for water sports and the villagers can also use the opportunity of the tourism spot to sell their handloom products.

He asked the villagers to cooperate with the department and to have good relation with tourists so that one day the village will become one of the best tourist spots in the world.

During the visit Adim Panmei announced before the villagers that Sub-Divisional Agriculture office will be set up in the village by the month of May.

He said that the villagers are also planning to build an artificial water fall in the village.

Manipur State Tourism department captain RK Sanayaima also joined the spot visit.