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| Last Updated:19/08/2019

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A new species of Kombirei found

 IMPHAL | Apr 24, 2017

Source: Imphal Free Press

For the first time in India, a new species of flora has been discovered in Manipur and it will be included in the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) list.

Dr. Huidrom Birkumar, principal scientist of CSIR-NEIST, said that the flora called Iris laevigata which is the real Kombirei of Manipur is found only in the wetlands part of NE India, Japan and Russia in the world and this is the first time reported in India about this flower.

He made the announcement in a press meet organised at CSIR-NEIST complex in Lamphelpat.

He continued, four types of Kombirei (Iris) are grown in Manipur and except one species which is the true Manipuri Kombirei are believed to be introduced to Manipur in recent times. The one species of Kombirei that has been grown in Manipur since ages and associated with legends and songs are studied scientifically by him.

Earlier the species has been mistakenly cited as Iris Bakeri Wall but this species does not exist in the list of the Iris or Kombirei found in the world. So now with the authentication from Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, London, it will be called Iris laevigaeta.

The flower is grown in the water bog areas and flowers around April 1-15. In Manipur, the flower is grown around the periphery of Loktak lake, Lamphel and Yaralpat.

He said that this flower has a great significance in Manipur as beauty is compared to this flower in legends and songs for ages as Lamphelpat ki Kombirei, Lamphel Nawa Kombirei and Yaral patki Kombirei. But it has limited pocket in Manipur for its great worth.

The current list of BSI will now have new entrant and the list will have 18 types of Iris in India.