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| Last Updated:15/03/2019

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Facebook group on green earth campaign

 IMPHAL | Apr 23

Source: Imphal Free Press

Continuing its yeomen service to create awareness of the need to make the environment green, ‘LeTz pAiNt tHe EaRtH gReEn,’ a popular Facebook group of young professionals working in diverse fields conducted a community based plantation programme in and around Ima Khunthokhanbi complex at Thangmeiband in Imphal as their way of paying homage to Khongjom battle martyrs on Sunday.

The young and energetic members of the group this time teamed up with Ima Ibemma Khunthokhanbi Thougal Marup(IIKTM), a local body in Imphal to conduct plantation programme braving the unseasonal drizzle on Sunday.

“Traditionally all the Laibungs are protected in our society, so we took up the initiative with the permission of IIKTM so that the flowering plants which were planted today will survive and help keep the surrounding clean and green,” an adminstrator of the Facebook group said. “We also appreciate active participation of our esteemed members and of course the flower plant contributors in the day’s program.”

The key flower plant contributors are NK Nursery Kongba, KJ Nursery Singjamei, Genesis Nursey Langthabal, Leiyum Nursery Nagamapal, Premila, Sujata, Pinky, Dolly, Prince, Doreen, Narjit, Viciwon, Cecilia, Jagajit, Donny, Birjeet.

Today’s event is the fifth plantation programme since its maiden plantation drive at Tumuyon Khullen (Senapati) on June 4 last year and it was followed by similar activities at Chingmeirong in Imphal on September 11,2016, at Khwairamband Keithel in Imphal on February 19 and Imphal Municipal Corporation complex also in Imphal town on April 20 this year.