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| Last Updated:19/08/2019

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Tree plantation is the only weapon to fight climate change - Chief Conservator of Forest

Source: IT News

Imphal, April 17 2017: ln connection with the Vanmahotsabha, the Saheed Madhumangal Foundation (SMF), Tera Bazar has organised a tree-plantation and cleanliness drive yesterday at Gwarok Mahadeva Temple, Yairipok with Chief Conservator of State Forest Department, Th Mohendra Patap Singh. Under the leadership of S Premananda, Executive Member of the foundation around 30 volunteers of SMF planted above 100 young saplings in and around the jungle of the temple till morning to afternoon. While addressing the volunteers of SMF during the drive, Chief Conservator Mohendra said, "planting a tree is like ensuring lives under insurance plans. Tree plantation is the only weapon available in the globe to fight climate change and save the human-race from extinction”.
"Planting of tress is also a valuable service to mankind, as the human might have not been existed if there were no trees around us. Tree and plants does not know nationality and race, they only work for saving the world," said the Chief Conservator. On top of the rights, duties and responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution, planting trees and maintain the ecological balance is also our duty and responsibility, he added. Around 100 saplings were planted during the tree-plantation and cleanliness drive.