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| Last Updated:20/08/2019

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Over 50,000 acres of agricultural land flooded Farmers of Poiroupat lose hope Source: The Sangai Express

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 06 2017: Poiroupat Loukol Farmers Development Cooperative Society secretary Khulem Tomchou has said that the farmers of Poiroupat, under Andro Constituency, are losing all hope as more than 50,000 acres of agricultural land have been flooded.

He said, "The fields were flooded after the canals dug to drain out excess water failed.

These canals flow into the Thoubal river but severe blockages led to the water overflowing into the fields.

Last year, the society requested IFC Department to look into the matter, but there has been no appropriate response from the authority concerned till now.

"If the outlet of the canal dam is opened, the water will flow away quickly", he added.

He appealed to the authority concerned to ease the plight of the farmers whose fields including potatoes, pulses, cabbages to various vegetables have been ruined by the flood.

Tomchou said, "Lack of proper initiative by the IFC Department resulted in this crisis.

Also if the Agriculture Department had provided the farmers with the saplings and seeds on time, the crisis could have been adverted somewhat.

"Farmers are the ones who suffer in the time of floods.

It is the farmer who bear all the loss", he added.

He demanded IFC Department to take up necessary measures before the rice planting season and warned that the society along with the farmers would launch intense agitation if the demands are not met at the earliest.