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| Last Updated:14/05/2019

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Siroy Lily tuber sold at 30 pounds in UK

 3 day international conference on natural resources commence

IMPHAL | Mar 27

“One tuber of the famed Siroy Lily indigenous to Manipur is being sold at 20/30 pounds in the United Kingdom. They have cashed in on the flora indigenous to the northeast. We, on the other hand simply take pictures, paint the flower etc., we have not commercialized the potential of the biodiversity found here, we should do so in a sustainable way,” Dr Raghvendra Rao, Pitambar Pant Fellow said.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural function of a three day International Conference on Natural Resources Management and Technological Trends (ICNRM-17) which commenced at Manipur University Court Hall today.

He pointed out that the Biological Survey of India has nearly completed categorization of the biodiversity found across the country. There are efforts underway to conserve it; however there are not many success stories. Biodiversity management is a must and proper utilization of our resources must be conducted to allow it to survive for future generations. We cannot just be laid back and be satisfied with awarding status as reserve forest, heritage site, national park etc. by putting an iron fence around it. He emphasized that the potential of the flora found in Manipur is not utilized to a full optimum, “It cannot be said that conservation of Siroy Lily is a success, other countries have marketed it as a product, we have to utilize our resources to strengthen the economy,” he said. read more>>