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| Last Updated:14/05/2019

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Climate change impacts Manipur in last 60 years

 Reena Nongmaithem

Source: Imphal Free Press


Environmental scientists in Manipur have observed rapid increase of both the maximum and minimum temperatures in the last sixty years in the state.

The changing trends of temperature, monsoon rainfall pattern, and changes in precipitation in Manipur suggest that the state is getting the impact of climate change, said Dr Brajakumar, scientist in-charge at Climate Change Cell, Directorate of Environment, and Government of Manipur.

During the last 60 (sixty) years, the minimum temperature recorded in the month of January in the state has been decaying with increase on an average of 1.6°C, revealed a temperature data available from the directorate.

As per the Indian Network of Climate Change Assessment (INCCA) climate change will increase temperatures across Northeast India in 2030s.

It says that in the NER, temperatures will rise by 1.8° C to 2.1° C while the mean annual rainfall is likely to increase by 0.3 to 3 percent in 2030s.

Droughts, floods and landslides are said to be the major climate risk in Manipur.  

The state has been witnessing recurrence of drought, flood and landslides since past recent years which have even claimed peoples’ life and properties were more>>