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| Last Updated:19/08/2019

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Reduced number of migratory birds attributed to new fishing mode

 Source: The Sangai Express
Imphal, February 01 2017: Implementing new techniques of fishing, fishermen are now using Chinese LED bulbs and deep water fishing net to catch fishes in Loktak Lake during night time which have turned the largest fresh water lake in the North East India into a mini light festival.

However, the impacts of such techniques have become a serious concern for nature/bird lovers.

Taking serious note of the drastic decline in the number of migratory birds which visited Loktak Lake this season, a team of Indian Bird Conservation Network and Centre for Conservation of Nature & Cultivation of Science conducted a preliminary study on the issue and ultimately found out that LED bulbs used by fishermen for catching fishes is the main reason behind the reduced sighting of migratory birds in Loktak Lake. read more>>