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| Last Updated:14/05/2019

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Sharp decline in migratory birds


Source: The Sangai Express 

IMPHAL, Jan 21: Authorities were able to count only about 5000 migratory birds in and around Loktak Lake area today in a massive operation undertaken to index the number of migratory birds which usually come during the winter.

The massive operation, a joint collaboration between the State Forest Department Wild Life wing and the Indian Bird Conservation Network along with various local organisations of the State, started from 5 am today.

According to State coordinator RK Birjit, there were far lesser number of birds like lesser whistling teal, gadwall, wigeon birds this year.

Explaining the main reasons for the drastic decline in the number of migratory birds, he said, “One main reason is rising water level of the lake which has flooded the feeding grounds of the birds. Another is the use of Chinese bulbs by the fisherman during the night which scare away the birds.

“The last reason for the sharp decline in the numbers of the birds is the rain in most part of eastern India recently”, he said. read more>>