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| Last Updated:14/05/2019

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Migratory bird Shiri (Grey Sided Thrush) leave ahead of departure time

 Source: The Sangai Express

Ukhrul, January 12 2017: Migratory bird, Grey Sided Thrush, locally called "Shiri" in Tangkhul have left Ukhrul district early ahead of normal departure time this year although the number of the migratory bird saw a huge increase this year.

This particular migratory bird swarm the Shirui mountain range in Ukhrul district in the winter looking for food.

According to villagers, this year saw a marked increase in the number of Shiri compared to the previous years.

The birds start to flock the dense forest from the third week of December till the last week of January.

But this year the migratory birds have started leaving Shirui mountain range.

Seeing the huge increase in the number of the migratory bird, the villagers carried out extensive hunting trips, killing many of them in the process and Shiri is a preferred food item for the people in Ukhrul district.

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