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| Last Updated:07/09/2018

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Machi village depends on terraced cultivation

 Machi village depends on terraced cultivation

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, November 16 2016: Terraced farming is a common and convenient practice for farmers in the hilly region of Chandel district.

Women folk of Machi village, Mary lane, Lamlong Khunbi, Khuman, Khun Sainung under Machi Sub-division in Chandel District engaged themselves in terraced farming all the year round to support their family, a farmer from Machi village, Tungshil Maring (45) told the Sangai Express today.

The women farmers plants and sells seasonal vegetables and fruits like colocasia, pumpkin, squash, potato, Chawai, Yendem, coriander, Lomba, banana etc at market places like Khongjom, Pallen, Wangjing, Thoubal and Khwairamband.

Machi village depends on terraced cultivation

Machi village depends on terraced cultivation

The villagers can easily make ends meet with the bounty produce from terraced farming.

A hard-working group of people, these women from Machi sub-division not only supports their family by farming, they weave clothes and sells their products at available markets seasonally.

A mother of three children, Tungshil has raised her children with what she earns by farming and weaving clothes.

Her children, one boy and two girls, have now grown up and are supporting her by taking up jobs at private schools.

Machi village has a population of about 2700.There is only one Government School in the village that teaches till high school level.

But there are no students, nor does any teacher attended school anymore.

The village has a water reservoir that is yet to supply water to the people.

But the villagers hardly cares.

They have found alternate ways to procure drinking water, from gorge or buying from water tankers.

There is power supply on alternate days and to top it off doctors of the only PHC of the village attends office only twice a week.