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| Last Updated:07/09/2018

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Wildlife Week celebration

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, October 02 2016: The 61st Wildlife Week Celebration started yesterday at Northern Forest Division, Kangpokpi with Senapati Deputy Commissioner C Arthur Worchuiyo, Superintendent of Police Kabib K and Divisional Forest Officer cum Wildlife Warden, Northern Forest Division, Vinod Kumar DK, joining hands at Kangui Christian College for nature and wildlife conservation. The DC, Senapati addressed more than 200 people, mostly students, as the chief guest of the inaugural function. He spoke on the importance of the programme, the decaying state of nature and urged for an increase in awareness along with taking initiatives on preserving nature, starting with students as they are the future. The SP, Senapati in his presidential address stated his interest in wildlife preservation started since he was a Zool6gy graduate. He remarked that nature will fall apart even if a single aspect of it fails, much like the human body and its organs. He warned the audience on the desertification of nature and concluded by stating "we have lived without cell phones or concrete buildings but we cannot survive without nature" The DFO spoke on the importance of the forests and oceans, by reminding everyone that oxygen is a product of the two, while the overpopulation of human beings have seen the rise in carbon dioxide, which has been contributing to global warming. He informed the audience on the effects of carbon dioxide on the oceans, specifically with its effect on planktons, which are the primary producers of oxygen in the ocean. Despite conservation efforts, the decaying state of nature shows that most people will not change their destructive habits, he added. In response to his last point, he stated that the Forest Department, Manipur has adopted "Cycle of Life" as the theme for the 61st Wildlife Week Celebration, to combat the indifference by explaining nature's system through cycles of energy, nutrients, water and life, and focusing on the role each animal plays. A short informative movie on Hombill conservation was screened and it was agreed that the said movie will should be screened in different schools. The inaugural function was followed by the Divisional Level on Spot Essay Writing and Painting Competition with the theme on Hombill, said a statement.