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| Last Updated:19/06/2018

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World Wetland Day Observed in the state

World Wetland Day Observed in the state


Joining this year global observation of World Wetland Day 2016 marking the date of signing convention on Wetland on Feb 2 1972 (Ramsar Convention), the observance was today organised at Sendra Public Ground by Loktak Development Authority (LDA) jointly with Anouba Mangal Foundation.

Along with this year theme ‘Wetland Our Future: Sustainable Livelihood’, the students from various school nearby took to street creating awareness in to people and campaigning for a clean-up environment drives. As a part of the day’s observation, a boat rally with a focus to clean up the Loktak lake areas was also organised in which it was participated by over 50 participant.

Today’s observation was also actively participated by Work Minister Dr Kh Ratan Kumar, MLA and Chairman PDA T Mangi Babu, MLA Oinam A/C I Ibohanbi, MLA Nambo and Kumbi A/Cs N Loken and S Bira respectively. read more>>